ENGAGE Badges and Leaderboards

Earning Badges

Members have the opportunity to earn badges by completing certain activities and challenges on ENGAGE. Badges display on your profile and in the member and community directories. Earn a badge today!

ENGAGE 101 Challenge

Earn this badge by completing three steps! (1) Add a profile photo, (2) Add a Bio, (3) Participate in your first discussion!

Leaderboards & Engagement Points

As you navigate around ENGAGE, you will notice leaderboards with engagement points attributed to other members. Engagement points are earned by completing various actions such as starting a discussion thread, adding a resource to the library, updating your bio and many more. The more active you are with ENGAGE, the higher you will ascend on the leaderboard. 

Each specific community has their own leaderboard that pertains only to that group. There is also a leaderboard on the Member Home page that shows top engagement for the entire Women Leaders membership. 

Learn more about growing your engagement score here!